Different Computer Fixes For Windows PC

There are quite a number of windows computer related problems that can prove to be a pain in the neck if not dealt with. These problems normally seem like rocket science but the truth is they can be easily fixed. Some these problems include:

A PC that Does Not Boot When It is Turned On

Did you turn on your PC but did not see any Windows program? Do not have a panic attack. This problem can be fixed by booting the PC from a Windows DVD or through a recovery disc.

Step 1:This computer fix is done by inserting the disc, then clicking on system repair. After that one will be required to select system repair disc and then follow the required prompts.

Step 2: If the PC fails to boot from the DVD or CD then you will be required to change the boot order which allows the optical CD/DVD drive to come before hard drive.

Step 3: In the scenario that the CD/DVD boots then you will be required to follow the prompts. Following the prompts will likely help you detect the problem through the utility program which will be automatically fixed.

Blue Screens when the computer is in operation

Many are the times when you are working on your PC and suddenly your screen turns blue filled with meaningless text. Most people usually fix this PC problem by rebooting. However; if this is something that happens more often, it means that there is a serious problem that needs a serious computer fix.

Step 1: Normally, your windows program should have a record of these errors which are logged on as ‘blue screens of death’ or BsoDs. In order to view these records and make sense out them, one is normally required to download and a run a program known as BlueScreenView. This program gives you the capability to view various programs that were running during the blue screen event.

Step 2: If a same driver occurs when these crashes occurred, it means that the driver needs to be up updated. When updating this driver always ensure that it is current.

You Cannot Access Administrator Password

Sometimes your PC can be left stranded as a result of the password factor. If you do not remember your password to the administrator account it means you wont be able to change crucial settings, install software or possibly access encrypted data. However this can be fixed with an offline NT password and registry editor.

Step 1: Start by double clicking the registry editor file will prompt windows to burn it in CD.

Step 2: After that you will be required to boot the CD and follow the instructions provided.

Viruses and Malware

Many people often deal with infected Windows PCs. An infected computer prevents it from functioning properly. Normally such problems are usually fixed by an Anti Virus program which detects the virus or malware and fixes it.

However, if your Anti-Virus program ain’t doing the trick for you, you can always boot your PC in to safe mode. Windows pc computers will definitely not load a third party software.

Knowing The Appropriate Windows PC Repair You Need

We live in an era where pc computers and computer knowledge has moved from being a luxury to being a necessity. The latest census done by the US government showed that the America alone had custody of over 500 million computers. With such figures, it means the skill of PC repair for all people is inevitable. Though there exist thousands of operating systems, the Windows Operating system is undoubtedly the “big boy” when it the market share and the number of its users. Below are a few cool and appropriate Windows PC repair techniques to apply to different windows PC challenges.

Windows Scanning:
This is likely to be the most popular form of PC repair. It refers to using antivirus software program(s) to check through all your computer files and scan for errors or complications that could be caused by viruses then repair them using the same program. You may never understand the importance of antiviruses until the day you transfer your important documents using a flash-disk then you notice you got no files in your flash disk when you arrive at your destined place. This PC repair practice helps to minimize effects of viruses like file hiding or general destruction of the entire operating system. To run this PC repair practice, just run any antivirus software and select on the “Deep Scan” option.

Creating and using Restore points:
Have you ever installed a computer program that required a reboot only to discover it fails to load your user account after booting? Such conditions are best repaired by using restore points. This one of the finest Pc repair methods that helps to fix a computer that fails to load the user accounts due to software complexities. Restore points work by getting your PC’s state back to saved logs/form that was saved by your operating system. To create a system restore point; click on the start menu then the “control panel” option. In the window that pops up, select “System securities” then “system”. Under this option select “create restore point option” and follow the guidelines of the popup window that opens to create a restore point.

Disc Defragmentation:
With no doubt, some people have even never known that such a tool exist in their Windows PC. To defragment basically means to organize files in a disc. In our laptops with over 500GB of internal storage, storage space is less of a concern. But that is not the case with the bigger machines. Computers do store their files in a scattered manner, when a disc is not defragmented, accessing files becomes a challenge. This results to a slower machine and a machine that keeps on “hanging” when opening files. The best solution to such a machine is to do a disc defragmentation and keep your machine working fast again. To access it, just right click on your hard disk, chose “properties” option; then under the window that opens, select tools and you will get to see the defragmentation tool. 

These are just but some of the many forms of PC repair practices. All that is required is simply to explore your computer.

Windows PC Repairs Steps

You can use the system recovery approach for pc repair when serious operating system damage occurs as a result of abrupt power shutdown or whatever the reason. Using the system recovery approach requires the use of a Windows installation disc or the use of the recovery options that came with the system from the factory. If neither of those options is within your reach, you will need a system repair disc to serve the same purpose. However, to use a system repair disc, you will have to create one if you do not already have it. You can create one by following the steps outlined below:
1. Click on the Windows start button.
2. On the Start Menu, click on Control Panel.
3. Click on System and Maintenance (sometimes, you may not find System and Maintenance within the Control Panel, in which case you should see Backup and Restore).
4. Click on Backup and Restore.
5. Then, on the pane that appears on the left, click on the “create system repair disc” option.
6. Then, go through with the rest of the steps as the system prompts you. In some cases, the system will require you to provide an admin password, which you should provide.
If a message pops up asking you to insert a Windows installation disc, it means the files needed to create the system repair disc are absent in your system. You will need to provide a Windows installation disc to carry out your pc repair, maybe by borrowing from someone who uses the exact same model as your system.

If, on the other hand, you were able to create the system repair disc, do the following to repair your system with it:

1. Open up your disc drive and insert the system repair disc into it.
2. Restart your system to begin your pc repair.
3. When your system powers on and prompts you to press any key to start the system from the system repair disc, simply do so.
Note: If your system is not prompting you to boot from the repair disc, you may need to alter your system’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) settings, making your disc drive the foremost boot option in your boot order, before your system can prompt you to boot from the system repair disc. The procedure for changing boot order differs from system to system. However, the F2, F10, F11 and Delete keys are the most commonly used to access the BIOS environment. Some systems use other keys such as the F12 or a combination of keys like Alt+Ctrl+Escape. Usually, your startup screen displays the required keys for BIOS access. You owe it to yourself to keep an eye out for it when your system powers on. Within the BIOS environment, navigate to boot order and make your boot order changes, following the directives at the base or top of your screen. After which you should save changes and exit the BIOS environment. The BIOS interface is not uniform across systems. So, there cannot be any surefire pointers on how to navigate around it. However, if you look around a bit, you will be able to find your way around without hassles. Furthermore, if you are using a Windows enabled tablet or any other device with a touchscreen, you will be required to connect a physical keyboard and mouse to be able to use the system repair tools.
4. Choose a language setting and click next.
5. Choose an option of recovery and click next.
Then, watch your operating system fix itself.

Solving A Windows PC Computer Fix

Computers are prone to functional problems and breakdowns and solving these issues can be difficult sometimes especially if you don’t know where to start. However, solving these issues sometimes is not hard if the person fixing the computer knows what he is doing. There are tips that can be followed to ensure that the computer fix process is successful. These tips are used to diagnose and solve most computer issues and they are discussed below.

Collect all necessary information

This tip is very necessary and very important. You cannot solve any computer issue or problem if you have no clue what the problem is. You must collect all the necessary information regarding the problem before you start the computer fix process. For computer technicians who are skilled and experienced in solving computer problems, it is easier for them to recognize the cause of a computer problem easily. For an ordinary person, you will have to examine the co0mputer and gather all necessary information that may help you fix the computer issue. You can look at error logs, codes, system files and BIOS errors among others. Once you have enough information to help you determine the problem or that enables you to understand the problem then you can go ahead and fix the problem.

Carry out an extensive research

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, you need to carry out extensive research on the problem you have identified or ion the information gathered especially if you don’t understand most or some of the information gathered. Google has almost everything nowadays and you can Google the computer issue to get a better understanding of it and how to solve it. Research computer articles and compare what you have found with the information you gathered. This research should give you a clear picture of the problem and how to solve it.

Collect all required and necessary tools needed for the computer fix

Before gathering tools, you must ensure that you backup important data on your computer or you can clown the drive. Do not start the computer fix process if you are not sure that you have all the tools required. You don’t want to be in the middle of the process and realize you are missing a tool. This will force you to start over which is very cumbersome. However most PC [problems just require a head screwdriver and an Operating System disk.

Testing and maintenance

This tip is very important because you must test the computer to ensure the problem is solved and then maintain it to ensure it doesn’t have the same problem again. Once the computer fix is in place, you must test the computer to ensure the problem identified is solved and that there are no problems that have come up as a result of the process. After testing, you must carry out a routine maintenance on the system after you are done with repair to ensure the system is running well. When fixing any computer problem, never let the complex technology intimidate you, believe in yourself and you will do it.

Windows PC vs Mac Computer

The biggest rivalry in the tech world right now is Windows pc vs Mac Computer. Everyone wants to know the answer to the question, Is Windows PC better or a Mac computer?. This burning rivalry between PC and MAC has ruined friendships, brought down corporations and has all in all lead to a lot of creativity and innovation in the tech realm due to one trying to better the other. On a practical level many people do not get the general difference between a Windows PC and a Macintosh so let’s try to explain how the two work by making a comparison. So let’s take a look at a few categories.

Hardware Support :-
When it comes to hardware support and fixing computers one can say that a windows pc offers more in terms of flexibility let it be in terms of upgradable of the hardware or the expandability of the hardware. A MAC computer generally runs on a limited set of hardware and does not provide support or compatibility with a lot of high end gaming graphics cards and only use a particular brand of GPU at least in it’s MAC Pro desktop machines. A windows PC on the other hand has the support for any and every kind of hardware you throw at it. So that’s a win for the Windows PC!

A MAC computer provides it’s users with a very closed kind of environment and restricts its users from a large range of customization to their OS unlike the Windows PC which readily allows it’s users to change a lot of things in their OS. So from the point of view of System security have a closed ecosystem provides it’s users with a higher level of security in most of the cases since it prevents it’s users from fiddling a lot with the OS. Thus evidently there a lot less viruses created for the mac computer than they are for a Windows PC and due to the higher level of security implemented by Apple in their MAC computers they are less susceptible to virus attack. Thus in the security front this win goes to the MAC computer.

Software Support:-
When it comes to software support a Windows PC blows a MAC computer out of the water. The amount of software created for a windows pc by the developers out there are a lot more than the amount created for a MAC. If there is a software out there you can be sure that a windows version will be available for it. Even when it comes to the amount of high quality games created by the big developers out there one can clearly see that they always create one for the windows PC and very rarely do they do it for a MAC computer. So all the hardcore gamers out there almost always go for a Windows PC due to its excellent software support. So in terms of software support a Windows PC wins by a huge margin.

User Interface:-
When it comes to User Interface of a Windows PC vs Mac computer it is completely subjective based on the user. There are a lot more features that a MAC provides which a Windows PC does not and vice versa. A MAC computer generally is considered to be more user friendly and intuitive to user and has a very steep learning curve and provides a very clean interface and is very attractive. Windows PC on the other hand is equally intuitive but may lack a little in terms of attractiveness. Thus I would say the MAC computer edges a Windows PC just by a whisker in terms of the user interface.

When it comes to pure pricing a Windows PC clearly beats a MAC computer since a Windows PC with the same hardware specification can be bought at nearly half the price than a MAC computer with the same specifications. Thus in terms of pricing Windows PC clearly gets the win.

In Conclusion, in the battle of Windows PC vs MAC Computer it all comes down to what the user prefers and needs. In order to clearly decide which one to choose a user must use both the devices once and then make a choice which one is better because at the moment the battle is neck and neck and this battle is clearly doing more good than bad to the tech world since rivalries lead to more innovation in the market.